Sunday, January 20, 2019

10 Reasons to buy a home in PCMC

Cost-effective / Affordable – As compared to the homes in the city, A home with a fair decent pricing in the Pune real estate market has greater options in PCMC, and not in the main pune city where the prices are sky high.

Industrially developed neighbourhoodPCMC is closer to the IT hub of Hinjewadi and also        Pirangut MIDC. This makes it a great option for the workforce of these areas.

Excellent connectivityPCMC offers excellent connectivity with Kothrud and Paud Road that makes it a preferred choice for living close to many good places near Pune.

Peaceful and healthy living – With a cover of greenery surrounding it and lesser traffic as compared to the city, PCMC offers a healthier lifestyle as compared to the homes in Pune, on a daily basis.

Proximity to weekend destinations – One of the most favourite picnic and tourist destinations, Lonavala is in close proximity of PCMC.

Better air quality – With their location closer to nature and hills, projects in PCMC offer a neighbourhood full of greenery and in turn better air quality.

Upcoming infrastructure growth – The proposed ring road circling Pune goes through PCMC and thus ensures that the future of connectivity and growth in PCMC is secure.

Appreciation of property ratesPCMC is close to Mumbai-Bengaluru Expressway. This means that the PCMC property rates will see a considerable and consistent appreciation.

Community living experience – Since many like-minded people who look at the above benefits, buy flats in PCMC, a friendly and secure neighbourhood is assured.

Experts in Growth & Quality Living – Nexus Group promises to give living in PCMC a new face through its different projects. What’s more, timely possession, trustworthiness and quality assurance are synonymous with Nexus Group.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Things you Should Consider Before buying a Home in Pune

Buying a Home in Pune is actually a big decision to make. The only reason for this is the huge variety of options available in town when you want to invest in property. This makes it difficult to decide which Home in Pune is perfect for you and your family. This is why, before you decide, make sure you consider the following things:

The Location - 

It goes without saying that location is one the most important things to consider when buying a Home in Pune. The location you decide to live in has to be one where it is easy for you to live. This means that the location should have schools, colleges, hospitals and other recreational places in and around it. Apart from that, a given location should also be family friendly and secure. If you are investing in a Home in Pune right now, locations like Moshi, Chikhali, Ravet and Sus Gaon are fast-growing and offer all these perks of being prime locations in the city.

The Connectivity -

When you are looking at Homes in Pune, make sure that you don’t consider just the location. It is equally important that the given location is well connected as well. A well-connected location will have access to various public transport options. It will also be a location that is not too remote or difficult to access. It is important to have connectivity to public transport when buying a Home so make sure you check this before you invest.

The Budget -

Goes without saying that the budget you are working with for a given Home in Pune is as important as the location. This means that you need to invest in a flat that fits both the criteria – budget and location. Pune is coming up with a lot of budget-friendly homes, which are not only economic but also take care of things like location, space and connectivity. They even come with top-notch amenities which make them the best places to invest in when buying a Home in Pune. Even places like Moshi, Chikhali, Ravet and Sus Gaon are coming up with economic homes which are also surrounded by nature, pollution free environment and are perfect as weekend homes!

10 Reasons to buy a home in PCMC

Cost-effective / Affordable – As compared to the homes in the city, A home with a fair decent pricing in the Pune real estate marke...